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What you need to know


Looking to buy a new car, might raise questions. We wrote down the most common ones. But feel free to ask any question.

What you need to know


Looking for a new car, might raise questions. We wrote down the most common ones. But feel free to ask any question.

FAQ - Questions before buying

Do I need a special charger?

For EV’s with a small battery up to 40 KWh, a normal (european) 240V outlet is sufficient and even 127V is possible (16 Amp breaker)

For Larger EV’s with a battery of 50 KWh or Up, a wall charger is recommended (240V, 32 Amp or 40 Amp breaker)

Can I charge at any charger?

Most public chargers are D-point, we sell charging cables for D-point chargers. For the small EV’s it is even possible to charge at your home using the regular 110v or 230v socket.

How often do I have to service an electric car?

Once a year or every 10.000 KM whichever comes first

What is the guarantee?

3 year/60.000 KM whichever comes first. The manufacturer may provide an additional guarantee on the battery.

Do you have all colors in stock?

No, we continuously order cars but the interest for the cars is high. If you want a specific car we have to order it

Why does HCR motors sell both Electric and Gasoline powered cars?

Driving an electric car is convenient and saves you money. But driving an EV might not be the best option for your specific personal situation. We understand that.

Can I test drive?

Yes, a short test drive is possible without any costs

I want to test the car longer, is that possible?

Yes, Avis Rent A Car Lic. will rent you the car. If you buy the car within 30 days we will discount the Time and Mileage up to 7 days

If I want to order a car?

This will take 3 to 4 months from downpayment to arrival. Some things are out of our control such as transportation and customs. The downpayment is 25%. Note we order continuously so it could take less time.

Do you lease these cars?

Yes, thru Avis Rent A Car Lic. They lease these cars but company lease only. You will be surprised about the lease price

Is an EV expensive to charge?

You will save big even when you use the expensive electricity from the utility company. With 20.000 KM per year, you save thousands of Guilders/Dollars per year.

Example of a small EV; 100KM costs 10KWh at the local electricity rate that is little less than Naf 9,00 on gasoline the same 100 KM will cost about Naf 24,00 (gas and electricity price varies)

The larger the type of car, the larger the savings will be.

Do you have discounts for fleet owners?

Yes, we do have the standard discounts for fleet owners. For large orders we ask a deposit of 25%

FAQ - Questions using an EV

How many KM can I drive on a full charge?

NEDC is a very optimistic manufacturer range. City drive, Sportive or Easy going driver, Air Conditioning, etc. limits the range.  The real range estimation will be around 70% of the NEDC range.  So, an 400km NEDC range will be around 280km in the daily use.

Can I use all energy that is in the battery?

No, we advice to keep at least 15% charge, depleting the battery often will effect the capacity of the battery

How long does it take to charge?

If you charge a small EV at home, 4 seconds to connect and 3 to disconnect. The charging self from 20% to 80% will take 8-10 hours but your car is parked at night, so you don’t spend extra time to charge.

At a level 2 charger it will take 3-4 hours.

A large EV will require a wall charger on 240V and a 32 Amp or 40 Amp breaker but still charges well overnight.

Is an EV Fire-Safe?

A car fire. You hope you never have to deal with it. In most cases, car fires involve a culpable technical defect, arson or an accident. That a fully electric or hybrid car would pose a greater risk is a myth.

Fire is rare in electric cars
Car fires are relatively common, but in few cases they do involve electric cars. You might expect that there is a greater risk of fire because of the battery of an electric car, but manufacturers have also thought about that themselves. The entire electrical system is extremely well secured. As a result, car fires from the vehicle itself, caused by a technical fault, do not often occur.

An advantage of an EV compared to a ‘conventional’ car is the lack of a hot engine and highly flammable fuel. In electric cars, fire in the battery pack is the risk factor, because extinguishing it is quite difficult. But that is also a rarity.

Granted; If, on that very rare occasion, the battery is on fire, it is much harder (if not impossible) to extinguish it. The insurance company will cover the damage in most cases. (Ask your insurance agent.)

Testdrive one of our cars?

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Testdrive one of our cars?

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