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Thinking about going electric? Here are some reasons why it's the perfect choice for you and our island.

  • Eco-Friendly: Electric cars produce zero emissions, helping to keep Curacao’s air clean and our environment healthy.
  • Save Money: Lower maintenance costs and cheaper driving mean big savings over time compared to traditional cars.
  • Quiet Ride: Enjoy a peaceful drive with less noise pollution thanks to the silent operation of electric motors.
  • Thrilling Performance: Fall for the instant torque and acceleration. Get hooked by the exciting driving experience made possible by an electric motor.
  • Easy Charging: Charge at home or at one of the public charging stations. Charging an electric vehicle isn’t complicated. Simply plug in, and plug out.

Ready to make the switch? Visit our dealership today and discover the perfect electric vehicle for your needs. Let’s drive towards a cleaner, greener future together!

At HCR Motors there is an Electric Car for everyone's budget


Drive full electric for an affordable price

  • Range: 301 km NEDC
  • Doors/Seats: 3 doors / 4 seats

Helmarv S300

A comfortable small Electric Car with a range of 300 km.

  • Range: 302 km CLTC
  • Doors/Seats: 5 doors / 4 seats

Helmarv L400

An small luxury Electric Car with a superb range.

  • Range: 408 km CLTC
  • Doors/Seats: 5 doors / 4 seats
  • Luxury edition


Full-electric SUV, all-terrain

  • Range: 501 km (NEDC)
  • Doors/Seats: 5 doors / 5 seats
  • 4 wheel drive / Max. torque 385 nM
  • Packed with smart functions
  • 2 wheel drive / optional 4 wheel drive


Full-electric SUV, fully equipped

  • Range: 512 km (NEDC)
  • Doors/Seats: 5 doors / 5 seats
  • Very luxurious
  • Packed with smart functions
  • Ultra-convenience features