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Charge Up Your Island Adventure

Electric Cars, the Curacao Way!


We offer a free-of-charge PDF file

So you can have a reference while driving around the beautiful island of Curacao.


Available for everyone

Discover a touch of eco-friendly convenience in Curacao! While you explore the beautiful Caribbean scenery, charge up your car and your commitment to a greener future.

To make it easy for you we have made an overview of charging stations around the island.  Most of them are situated at tourist areas or shopping centers.

First we’ll show the PUBLIC charging spots. You can charge the car at these points. At this moment it’s free and complimentary of the location you are charging at.

Soon there will be more charging points as TUI and Dynaf are planning to place a total of 30 public charging stations around the island of Curacao.

1 - Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach parking
Jan Thiel baai z/n
2x Type 1

2 - Papagayo Plaza

Jan Thiel baai z/n
2x Type 1

3 - MCB Bank

MCB-Maduro & Curiel’s Bank
Kaya Flamboyan 96

2x Type 1

4 - Dynaf D-Point

Pletterijweg z/n

2x Type 1 / 2x Type 2

5 - MCB Bank

MCB-Maduro & Curiel’s Bank
Schottegatweg (Oost) z/n
Rooi Catootje

2x Type 1

6 - Esperamos Supermarket

Esperamos Supermarket
Jan Noordduynweg 60

2x Type 1

7 - Sambil Shoppingcenter

Parking (Near Carrefour)
Veeris #27

4x Type1

8 - Karakter

Karakter – Beach Lounge
Coral Estate
Rif St. Marie Willibrordus

2x Type 2

9 - Christoffelpark

Plantation House Savonet
Weg naar Westpunt z/n

1x Type 1


Not Public - For Customers/Guests Only

A few Hotels & Resorts, as well as some eco-conscious companies offer Electric Vehicle charging points for their valued guests and customers.

Enjoy the perks of being a valued customer as you combine luxury with environmental responsibility at each electric charging station.

Again, soon there will be more charging points, as Curaçao is also engaged in the global green movement.

1 - Chogogo Resort

Jan Thiel z/n
Jan Thiel

2x Type 2

2 - Kontiki Beach

Kontiki Beach Resort
Bapor Kibrá z/n

2x Type 2

3 - Mangrove Beach

Mangrove Beach Corendon
Pater Euwensweg 31

4 - Trupial Inn

Trupial Inn Hotel & Casino
Groot Davelaarweg 5



2x Type 1

6 - Coral Estate

Coral Estate Resort
Rif St. Marie

60-kilowatt fast charging

7 - TUI hq

TUI Hoofdkantoor
Schottegatweg (Oost) 96


Plug into EV charging knowledge

Charge @ night

At Curaçao you normally charge at home at night. With the current driving ranges, it will be more than adequate to use the car the entire day. It’s just the same as charging your phone.

Easy extra range

You can always charge extra miles/kilometers at the charging points while you are enjoying the island.

You can even charge at 110v/220v outlets

Charging can also be done using your household outlets of 220v or even 110v. The use of a charging station is not mandatory.

Type 1 or Type 2 charger?

Most chargers are Type 1. HCR Motors provides adaptors so you can plug in your type 2 plug into a type 1 charger.

Rent an Electric Car @ AVIS

You can also rent your Electric Car at our partner car-rental company AVIS.

Free D-Point app

Easy – Download the free D-Point app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to see where you can find a free charging spot near you! (Internet connection required.)
<Download: Apple Store>  <Download: Google Play Store>

Tip: Use MAPS.ME to navigate

New on the island? Use MAPS.ME to navigate, you can download the map at home, and after that you won’t need an internet connection while driving.
<Download: Apple Store>  <Download: Google Play Store>

Did we miss a charging location? Please let us know and we will add the location as soon as possible.